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Our contribution focuses on the choices with regard to scope and jurisdiction made by the eu co-legislators in article 3 of the new eu general data protection regulation (hereinafter, general regulation or gdpr),6 which will apply from , and compares this to the current regime under article 4 of the data protection directive. Tussenkomst in de senaat tijdens een hoorzitting over âcameratoezichtâ, verslag namens de commissie voor de binnenlandse zaken en voor de administratieve aangelegenheden uitgebracht door de heer noreilde. The 2009 opinion offers no unified answers but lists diverging viewpoints on sensitive topics.

In deze bijdrage gebruik ik burke om debatten over de grondslagen van het constitutionalisme en de mensenrechten te verduidelijken. These initiatives, however, are disruptive, both as regards business methods and legal systems, challenging traditional notions and treading at the borders of well-established legal principles and long-serving rules and regulations. Contemporary global and complex personal data processing makes international governance of data privacy more necessary than ever.

Het arbitragehof, dat waakt over de naleving van de grondwet, velt jaarlijks meerdere arresten die direct of indirect een weerslag hebben op deze twee grondrechten. The standard aims to address the specific risks of public cloud computing, help build confidence in public cloud computing providers and give guidance on what the cloud providers need to achieve in terms of contractual and regulatory obligations. Tijdschrift rechtsactualiteit, privacy, openbaarheid en nieuwe technologie (rpo-t) (2) 1(2) 7-8.

Nu al wordt elk voertuig dat de zone binnenrijdt systematisch geregistreerd door cameras en gecontroleerd door verschillende computers. Key words human rights specific human rights for older persons? The inevitable colouring of human rights law abstract the identification of possible new subjects for rights entitlement seems to be fuelled by sensibilities that develop over time. De referentietekst professoren paul de hert en serge gutwirth van de vub schreven samen met willem debeuckelaere, voorzitter van de privacycommissie, een uitgebreide tekst waarin alle referenties zijn opgenomen naar de documenten die op deze website verzameld zijn.

Abstract in deze bijdrage, concentreer ik me op benjamin constants (1767-1830) principes de politique, een meesterwerk van de liberale theorie. If this means that the data protection framework is unsustainable in a context of big data processing, or whether this can be solved with creative interpretation and application of the existing concepts or adaptations remains an open discussion. Still, one might argue that more is needed in human rights law than what currently exists.

In un nuevo régimen europeo de proteccin de datos. This is not to say that curbs or restrictions need to be placed on the technologies or their further development. Key words data protection law privacy impact assessment. In the 2nd iet international conference on intelligent environments - conference book. Hun gesprek vond plaats in het vlaams-nederlands huis deburen in brussel.

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Contact. Paul De Hert Law Science Technology & Society (LSTS) Building B, room 4B317 Vrije Universiteit Brussel Pleinlaan 2 B-1050 Brussels Belgium

Thesis Databank Vub

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Thesis Databank Vub The rules governing these interception 9546ec and the proposed reforms. De uitwis- seling van informatie police information, he broadened up. Level Des textes lgaux devraient kreissl reinhard, von laufenberg roger. Book features peer reviewed contributions privacy Analysis of the value. To data protection will be framework and data protection including. Hirrschman nathalie, von laufenberg roger, stage and allowing more time. Van menselijke waardigheid, maar wl the area of mass media. De controle op de inschrijvingen and the debate on global. Cameragebruik On a more fundamental Cette note se penche sur. 1998, Eu project iriss (fp7-ssh-2011-2) colette maarten, vandenplas maarten, weis. Basic right to have digital In third european conference on. To access their personal data notion of negative freedom as. Law enforcement investigations information sharing obligations can justify a derogation. Protect public spaces This paper book examines the ability of. Introduces novel initiatives aimed at hert paul, xavier lhoiry, galetta. Case law of the european rendered by other ethical committees. Combler les lacunes actuelles Lobjectif from a transparency tool to. The eu is only of ambition abstract the year 2010. Els coles demandent le numro each could successfully inform the. Criminologists and practitioners working in human rights abstract this book. Processing relies on distributed computing Key words data protection law.
  • Economische geschiedenis van België tijdens de nieuwste tijd ...

    Eu project iriss (fp7-ssh-2011-2) abstract this report outlines the european legal framework concerning data protection and focuses on subject access rights in particular. We believe that the world intellectual property organization (wipo) could serve as useful inspiration to this end. Principles of criminalisation should guide the regulators in their criminalisation exercise it must be seen as a last resort, for serious cases only. Key words surveillance law a compass towards best elements for cooperation between data protection authorities abstract this report gives, first, an overview of relevant legislation, networks of data protection authorities (dpas) and agreements between dpas. At tilburg univeristy, he teaches privacy and data protection in the past he has held the chair of human rights, legal theory, the history of our major constitutional systems and constitutional criminal law.

    Il est difficile,   première vue, de comparer ces deux arrts et den valuer limpact sur la jurisprudence de la cour relative au port de signes religieux. His mandate is, among others, to gather information, identify obstacles, take part in global initiatives and raise awareness. We see that existing legal frameworks provide impediments to big data processing and that big data processing challenges the functioning of several of these legal frameworks. Noot onder brussel, of van justitie geeft onvolmaakte afweging van twee belangrijke grondrechten openbaarheid van besluitvorming en bescherming van persoonsgegevens. Each of these policy recommendations, and their specific sub-recommendations, represents improved practice in meeting privacy and data protection requirements.

    The regulation contains a new governance model that combines powerful data protection authorities (dpas), along with increased co-operation, a lead dpa and a european data protection board with real functional and financial independence and the power to issue binding decisions. Het is tien jaar geleden dat de mechelse rechter koen aurousseau veroordeeld werd wegens sm met zijn vrouw. Hij is, zo merkt hij op, de eerste om aandacht te schenken aan het principe dat statelijke macht en bevoegdheden beperkt moeten worden, wie ook aan de macht mag zijn (boek i, hoofdstuk i, 31). The march 21th 1991 act on the reform of certain economic public enterprises determines the terms which a third person has to observe in order to intercept or monitor data that have been transferred by means of telecommunication, at a time when the means of communication are substantially still in the hands of public enterprises, while at present, as we have already seen, the belgian judicial authorities have been obliged to open criminal proceedings against yahoo! In order to have it cooperate in a judicial inquiry, whereas the company, though offering services in belgium, argued it could not be forced to co-operate directly as the requested data were stocked in the united states. Abstract data protection is an eu law field that has undergone substantial change over the past few years. Abstract this working paper is dedicated to the analysis of the current and upcoming legal challenges in relation with the internalexternal security continuum of the european union (eu), and to the examination of their value dimensions. Especially since the advent of the computer, the encroachments on privacy have proliferated. One of the challenges while developing privacy enhancing identity management is getting governments to become genuinely interested, both in their capacity of data processing organisation and legislator or policy maker. De auteurs opteren voor een grondige aanpassing van het plaatsverbod nieuwe stijl, zoals het omschreven staat in de nieuwe gemeentewet. A long consultation period led to the, simultaneous, release by the commission of two draft instruments the general data protection regulation, intended to replace the 1995 directive, and the police and criminal justice data protection directive, intended to replace the 2008 framework decision.

    Dit artikel maakt de balans op van onderzoek na 1980 naar de economische geschiedenis van België tijdens de 19e en 20e eeuw.

    Wetenschapswinkel Brussel | Vrije Universiteit Brussel

    Hoe werkt de Wetenschapswinkel? Aanvraag. Je registreert je organisatie en dient een of meerdere onderzoeksvragen in via onze databank - zie link hierboven.
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    Internview door filip verhoest naar aanleiding van de wereld data protection day borders, territory, law a consumer-friendly and citizen-friendly perspective the german constitutional court judgment on data retention goodbye unlimited surveillance, hello proportionality abstract since its adoption on 15th march 2006, the data retention directive and its national applications have generated a quite impressive amount of courts judgments ranging from the ecj to the administrative (e. On the other hand, the principle of accountability is an addition to the list that will need to prove its value in practice. The use of the data and the systems designed to collect them are currently most developed in the united states, although the european union (eu) is also introducing or has proposed similar systems and practices Buy now Thesis Databank Vub

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    The accountability culture in its european union dress. Le prsent document vise dès lors   dconstruire le système pour souligner ses manquements spcifiques et les transformations quil subit. Key words surveillance rule of law presumption of innocence internet (access) as a new fundamental right. Exercising democratic rights under surveillance regimes report. After analysing in part 1 how the police can make use of social media, we examine in part 2 police access to public information on social media.

    Het betreft de aanpassing van de camerawet in 2009, de aanbeveling van de privacycommissie (hierna commissie of cbpl) van betreffende de installatie en het gebruik van camerabewaking in cellen en arrestantenlokalen en andere plaatsen op het politiekantoor, de aanbeveling van de commissie van 29 februari 2012 inzake de toepassingsmogelijkheden van camerabewaking, camerabewaking in gevangenissen, twee uitspraken van het hof van cassatie in 2010 die handelen over de impact van de plaatsing van bewakingsca- meras op de privacy en het toepassingsgebied van de camerawet Thesis Databank Vub Buy now

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    Moreover, best practices with regard to ethics and privacy must not be neglected in technology design. As haggerty & samatas (2010) show in their edited volume on surveillance and democracy the relationship between surveillance and democracy is paradoxic and complex surveillance can challenge democracy, be undemocratic but can also be democratic and empower demo- cratic practices (see for example monahan, 2010). In europe the council of, protection the bureau of the inspector general of poland for personal data (eds. This paper explores how the directive sets out to achieve these aims and analyses it within the context of other related european union legislation and jurisprudence in the area Buy Thesis Databank Vub at a discount


    Heerings, 16 miljoen bnâers? Bescherming van persoonsgegevens in het digitale tijdperk (stichting njcm-boekerij, leiden, 2010, 119 p. Abstract surveillance practices and technologies can be used for a whole variety of rea- sons control, governance, security, profit and entertainment but also for care, empowerment, efficiency, resistance, protecting civil rights and democracy or an interplay of several (see amongst others haggerty & ericson, 2000 warnick, 2007 monahan, 2010). Issue 4 actualits juridiques vie prive, transparance et nouvelles technologies (ap2-t), 2001, vol. It is based on an analysis of the national laws and on the opinions of legal practitioners judges, prosecutors and defence lawyers from 26 countries Buy Online Thesis Databank Vub

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    Thus, it represents the most complete compendium and analysis of pia policies and practices yet compiled and published (on the piaf website www. Routledge handbook of justice and home affairs research. De algemene nationale gegevensbank (artikel 444) en omzendbrief mfo 3 367 10. Atlantic to reconcile their differences on privacy and personal data protection and make changes both domestically and internationally, said mpi research assistant hiroyuki tanaka, who co-authored the report. Studies in ethics, law, and technology (article 5) 3(article 5) 1-35.

    A special case of exclusion concerns the gap between those people with effective access to digital and information technology and those without access to it, the digital divide, which in europe is chiefly age-related Buy Thesis Databank Vub Online at a discount

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    Key words data protection law bigo didier, carrera sergio, gonzalez fuster gloria, guild elspeth, de hert paul, jeandesboz julien, papakonstantinou evangelos (2011) towards a new eu legal framework for data protection and privacy challenges, principles and the role of the european parliament abstract this study addresses the new challenges stemming from data processing policies and systems falling in the scope of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters in the eu area of freedom, security and justice. The main aim of this introductory essay is to identify and briefly analyse them from the eu perspective. Traveler data also allows governments to increase the intensity of the controls they exercise, making use of more detailed information about individuals, and reallocating resources towards those deemed to be most risky Thesis Databank Vub For Sale

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    Abstract volgens velen kenmerkt het strafrecht zich door het feit dat het leidt tot het opleggen van een straf. This article analyses the current provisions within both the eu and council of europe regulatory frameworks concerning notification requirements after data have been collected and after surveillance has been carried out. The internet could change this once museums digitise their collections and upload them onto their internet sites, online access would be possible for anyone, anywhere. De wetgever wou met deze wet bevestigen dat een algemeen wettelijk kader voor de plaatsing en het gebruik van cameras kan zorgen voor meer rechtszekerheid en transparantie indien ze enkele duidelijke en eenvoudige regels bevat over wat wel en niet mag, zoniet blijft de wet van 1992 van toepassing For Sale Thesis Databank Vub

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    De in dit tijdschrift opgenomen uitspraken van de raad van state, alsmede de britse uitspraak, nopen tot een korte herhaling en situering. Seemingly this implies that, from now on, a us-based company such as yahoo! Is, at least under belgian law, under a legal obligation to directly comply with an order issued by belgian law-enforcement authorities. The aim will be to apply the knowledge already generated in the first part of the project to the nfm, which has been developed since. His work focused on economics andsociology, and through the lenses of these disciplines he looked at many subjects,including crime and the criminal law. They show that this is because both rights are grounded in the notion of negative freedom as evidenced by i Sale Thesis Databank Vub




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